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As a company, our mission is to become a trusted partner to restaurants everywhere – offering products and services that help restaurants adapt to changing consumer trends and technology.

Born in the kitchen

Ordermark was started by Alex Canter, the fourth-generation owner and operator of the historic Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles. In 2013, Alex began experimenting with online ordering at Canter’s by adding fourteen online ordering services. Online orders flooded in and revenue increased 30% but the operational struggle of managing the technology for these online ordering services was unsustainable. In order to ease the burden but keep the revenue, Alex and his partners created Ordermark to empower Canter’s and other restaurants to reach their online ordering potential.

The Ordermark Team


Alex Canter

CEO & Cofounder

Gary Abrams


Paul Allen

CSO & Cofounder

Jay Fuhr

CRO & Cofounder

Account Management

Greg Oganesian

Director of Account Management

Erik Fuog

Account Manager

CJ Damiani

Account Manager

Michelle Flores

Account Manager

Susie Kim

Restaurant Success Specialist

Bryan Mina

Account Manager


Rigo Bustamante

QA Manager

Bruce Crenshaw

IoT Manager

Ric Murillo

Software Developer & Cofounder

Alexander Jardini

Software Developer

Alex Ko

Software Developer

Rhett Fahrney

Software Developer & Cofounder

Dhruv Patel

Software Engineer

Daniel Ham

Software Engineer

Business Development

Atlanta Harris

Business Development Lead

Lauren Courtney

Business Development Lead

Vincent DiMichele

Online Ordering Expert

Lexi Rohner

Public Relations Executive


Argu Arkan

Director of Operations

Macy Walp

Executive Assistant

Henry Pi

Business Intelligence Analyst

Kara McClements

Partnerships Manager

Kelly Troung

Partnerships Specialist

Megan Pepi

Marketing Specialist

Patricia Chase

Onboarding Specialist

Izzy Berrent

Content Specialist

Restaurant Leadership Board

Ordermark created an advisory board comprised of the industry’s top operators and innovators to share insights, best practices and expertise. Let us know if you are interested in joining this group of advisors.

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Do the right thing.

We love feedback.

We’re only as good as our follow through.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

We support each other.

Innovation is good. Execution is worshipped.

Take the pie out of the oven.

Always aim for crystal clarity in all communications.

Every single interaction. Fast. Friendly. No exceptions.

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