What is Ordermark?

Born in the busy kitchen of Canter’s Deli, Ordermark is an online ordering solution for restaurants that aggregates online ordering services and helps restaurants reach their online ordering potential. We allow you to accept orders from multiple online ordering services, reducing the number of tablets cluttering your space, and sending orders to a dedicated cloud based printer in a standardized format. We offer personalized account management services and data reporting.

How can Ordermark help me grow my order volume?

Ordermark can help to increase your order volume by allowing you to jump on multiple online ordering sites without adding more tablets, no extra training for your staff, and managing all the accounts on your behalf. When there’s no extra work for you, you can jump on more apps and increase your revenue by increasing the volume of orders you’re receiving.

If I am successful on 1-2 online ordering platforms now and managing the tablets fine, why should I sign up with more?

There are over 180 different online ordering platforms, each with their own loyal customer base. If your restaurant isn’t listed on a particular platform, it may as well not exist to all the customers who use it. By only being on 1-2 services you could be missing out on 80% of the market and the incremental revenue that is gained through the addition of each online ordering service.

What online ordering services are integrated with Ordermark?

Ordermark strives to work with the biggest and most popular online ordering services to help you reach the most customers and grow your online ordering volume. We currently offer the ability to print orders from services like Grubhub, Doordash, Delivery.com, Eat24, Caviar, Chownow, Clorder, Freshbytes and Slice, and we are continually adding new online ordering service partners based on the growing market trends and your feedback!

What does the monthly cost include?

The monthly cost of the Ordermark service includes the use of our tablet/Dashboard and the Ordermark printer. It also includes personalized account management and B2B customer service which acts as the liaison between your restaurant and each online ordering platform. We do the leg work to make changes to your menu or contact the ordering services on your behalf so you can focus on making great food for your customers!

What if my restaurant is not using online ordering yet? Can you help set up online ordering for my restaurant?

Yes! Ordermark makes it easy to get started with online ordering by setting up contracts with the online ordering services on your behalf. Because Ordermark has an existing relationship with the online ordering services we have bargaining power when it comes to setting up new contracts and can help to negotiate on your behalf for a competitive rate.

How do restaurants typically utilize the Ordermark service in their daily operations?

Ordermark sends each restaurant location a single printer and tablet for all online orders. We standardize all tickets to make it simple for the staff to fulfill orders efficiently. We auto-confirm incoming orders to reduce cancellations, and streamline all online orders directly to the kitchen.

Is there an activation fee? Do I have to sign a contract?

There is zero activation fee and no minimum contractual obligation. Our services are offered as a non-binding agreement and should you be dissatisfied with your service you may cancel at any time.

How do I sign up?

You can request a demo or sign up with Ordermark easily by filling out your contact information, emailing [email protected], or calling us at 833-673-3762 ext 1.